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of the highlights, frostburg, one of the many camera, the weather bug network and we're looking back west to see if we can see a veil of light. maybe frostburg and definitely garrett county and some of the ski resorts. they will get some snow this weekend. whhoo-hoo. this weekend, we're just dry. it takes away the bugs to have the excitement. that has to be good for everybody. and we're dry this morning in doppler radar. back west, a line of clouds and moving some of the rain into the mountains. it is not completely clear in fact. we're looking at clouds that are trying to race in. we're looking at temperatures mild. so hold off the fall clothing until tomorrow. but you will need. it we will talk about the weekend outlook in a moment. 6:30, here is tonya with traffic. a report of an accident on route 1 at the beltway, reportedly on the ramp from the inner loop. so be careful as you pass. taking a look at the live traffic camera 69 a and old court road near 795, volume in both directions, and no problems
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on your ride heading south from pikesville to woodlawn. topside of the beltway, starting to get volume on the outer loop at harford road as well and starting to slow down a little bit but not too bad and the inner loop is moving just fine. this time it is not the cantaloupe but lettuce. a farm in california is voluntarily recalling their crop after traces of listeria has been recovered. corinne is standing by with the latest. >> true leaf farms in california is recalling chopped romaine lettuce because of listeria concerns. one bag of lettuce from the farm tested positive for listeria. the company says the lettuce was grown on a washingtonville farm, true leaf farms is recalling roughly 2300 cases of the chopped lettuce and the ceo says expensive food safety measures are already in place. >> we're testing product. we're being audited all the time. we're testing it at our plant. and you know, we're sanitizing
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every day. >> this latest food recall comes on the heels of that major cantaloupe recall. but so far, no illnesses have been reported due to tainted lettuce. corinn redman, abc 2 news. abc 2 works for you this morning. regarding details on playground danger. dr. edward hope, orthopedic surgeon, ann arundel county medical center, says the spiral leg fracture he is seeing are not freak occurrences. it happens when toddlers go down the slide on the lap of their parents and their feet get caught and made worse by the force of mom or dad riding behind. >> the foot is twisted this way, rotated kwro√°u out-- outward and it causes the crack and spiral to perform. >> they are warning parents about dangers and wants them to lend a hand and not a seat on their lap. will is a youtube psa, and a flier, they want it posted on parks all over the area for moms and dads to see. if you want to check out the
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youtube video, or pass along the warning flier he made, head to our web site at abc 2 news .com and click on the health tab if you want to check it out. week one of dr. conrad murray's involuntary manslaughter trial wraps up in los angeles. michael jackson's personal physician accused of giving the pop star a lethal dose of the anesthetic propofol. andrew spencer has more. >> reporter: new moments of panic in the jackson home. the pop star's director of logistics is the man who called 911. >> reporter: before making that call, alvarez testified murray made a request help him pick up vials of a milky white substance. >> he reached a handful of vials and said put them in a bag. >> reporter: prosecutors say murray was cleaning up evidence and under cross-examination he
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did not tell police about the vials immedia death. >> dr. conrad murray asked if anyone knew cpr. >> reporter: prosecutors argued murray did not know how to conduct cpr. >> he was using one hand sir. >> reporter: jurors and jackson's family sat through testimony. and paris realized something was wrong. >> dr. conrad murray said don't let them, don't let them see their dad like this. don't let them see their dad like this. and i proceeded to turn around to the children, and kind of ushered them out and said, kids, don't worry, we will take care of it, everything is going to be okay. >> reporter: andrew spencer, abc 2 news. so if you want to follow michael jackson's trial for the former doctor, conrad murray, there is an app to do, it it is topping the best-selling paid
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news app. according to the new york times, if you get the app, a breaking news alert, a live video stream from the trial and reports from news correspondents on the scene. and 6:34. news around the nation. this morning, terrifying moments for parents and kids outside a florida school. and a child somehow became pinned underneath a car. and police showed up freeing that child. the entire rescue was caught on an officer's dash cam. the child was rushed to an area hospital. and is expected to recover. you probably heard the saying, where there is smoke and there is fire and several cases that is a fact. but several drivers took the idea to heart when they saw a sign along the highway. >> there is a billboard south of indian trail. justsmoldering smoke coming from the billboard. >> it is marketing advertising for outback steakhouses new wood fire steaks with the real smoke coming from several spots and they alerted the fire department
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about the sign before it was activated and not everyone got the message. check this out. what do you see? australian family says they say they took a photo on vacation on the uss arizona and they see the face of shimmering oil in the water over the wreckage. it looks like a face. one man says he was fired and it was unfair but losing his job may have saved his life. we will explain coming up. the good news is they're hiring thousands of workers. the bad news is, you may not want to live where they're hiring. which town says they have more jobsen this they do workers. we will take a look when good morning maryland returns on this friday, september 30. back in a bit.
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a texas man claims he was
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fired because of his weight two. years ago, ronald crats weighed 680 pounds a materials handler at a company that makes military vehicles and worked there for almost 16 years before being let go. >> the hr representative told me we're letting you go due to your weight. >> and now the federal government is on his side filing a lawsuit claiming the firing violated the americans with disabilities act. and in that lawsuit, he is asking for his job back. he is also seeking back pay and unspecified damages. since being fired, he has dropped more than 300 pounds. well, jobs are hard to find these days but will is one town where you can't find enough workers to hire. fargo, north dakota, where manufacturing companies are having a tough time bringing in people with blue collar knowledge. and 3500 jobs are available, if you can do math and know a little science, you can make up to $1,000 a week. 6:40 this morning. breaking news. coming up this morning, a top al
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qaeda leader has been killed and new details emerging this morning about the attack. a major al qaeda figure who has plotted attacks on the u.s. has been killed. all of the details ahead. do you still node to get your flu shot? i'm linda stow and where you can get it free today and lots of other free stuff as well. the results for the state high school assessments will be released today. i'm charee johnson, coming up a preview of student performance. last day of september. which means, tomorrow, october and it will feel like it. here are the bullet points. weekend highs in the 50s. bluff ry with a chance of showers and we're -- blustery with a chance of showers and we're talking snow for the ski resorts. the weekend weather is next. >> volume, congestion, stop and go traffic on the outbound of the beltway. we will take a look at the beltway when we come back.
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a good morning, maryland. i'm charley krause. time for your abc 2 news to go. we have a lot going on this
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friday morning. corinne redman has the news on the suspected terrorist leader, linda stow is focusing on your health, and charee johnson is telling bus state test results due later this morning. we have meteorologist justin burke with a changing forecast. >> chaining for the colder. and -- changing for the colder. we have someone who checked in with the american series who says i don't care if it is cooler, as long as we get rid of the humidity. 56 is tolerable for you in bel air at the elementary school. and we're watching the frontal boundary losing the moisture. a lot of clouds. we will spread them in, this this morning with sun around the beltway and then annapolis off to the eastern shore. we will have a day in the 70s and turning sharply cooler. watch the winds behind the system and they turn to the west/northwest and strong tonight and tomorrow, we will have rain, snow in the mountains with strong blustery winds and showers could linger into the weekend and in fact if you're planning ahead for the ravens
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game forecast at 8:20 on sunday evening as we get rex and the jets, 49. it will be in the upper 40s, and maybe a few showers around and quite chilly. the rest of the weekend outlook in a moment. tonya has traffic. >> a vehicle fire reported 795 southbound before owings mills. be careful there. an accident, washington boulevard at the beltway. a look at the beltway. volume at fredericks road through catonsville. beltway will be slow on the outer loop between security and edmonton. and topside of the beltway, stop and go traffic at harford road. slow all the way to york road. charley? >> breaking news this morning. the yemeni government released an official statement saying the al qaeda cleric al-awlaki has been killed. it was a drone attack in the south western part of the country. corimne redman is following the breaking story with the latest for us are. >> reporter: we're learning the attack was carried out just before 3:00 a.m. our time this morning and that an war al-awlaki was killed. the official statement from the
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defense ministry came down this morning and confirmed his death. they believe it was an air strike carried out by u.s. forces that killed him and some of his followers. so al-awlaki is believed to have inspired and plotted recent attacks on the u.s. including a failed christmas day bombing back in 2009. he would be the most prom prominent al qaeda figure to be killed since osama bin laden's death in may. we will continue to follow this breaking news all day. be sure to check our web site abc 2 news .com for the latest updates. you can find the story on a slide show, on our web page, right here at the top, and follow the breaking news story. corinne redman, abc 2 news. millions of americans use a department card and a staple for retail stores and grocery stores and gas stations. if you bank with bank of america, that trusty little card could cost you $5 a month beginning in 2012. and chase bank, they're already doing it. and another bank has a $3 fee.
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this is nothing new. wels fargo is the one with the $3 fee. and financial experts say banks need to make up lost revenue by putting in the new rules so many will pass the fees on to you. one way or the other, customers are going to end up paying. >> remember when we used to be able to take our bags on the airplanes and check them for free? and now, we pay. well, we adjust. >> you adjust by paying more. bank of america says it has to compensate for a new federally mandated cap on processing fees for debit card transactions. news time, 6:48. in the education alert, today is the day to learn about the graduation rates for students in maryland. results are available at 10:00 this morning and our education reporter is standing by with a preview. >> reporter: as we are here live in front of the state board of education office, where soon they will release these high school assessment results, for the graduation class of 2011, and now this report takes a look
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at graduation rates, and school improvements, and progress, and this past year's senior class was the third for completing the hsa requirements, necessary to receive a maryland high school diploma and this newly released data is important because it slows what is happening on a national level in education. the state will release the report at 10:00 this morning, and are right here at their office and baltimore city school ceo dr. andre bolonzo will have his own news conference at 11:00 this morning to discuss baltimore city schools specifically. reporting live in downtown baltimore, abc 2 news. police are still searching for three men this morning who forced their way into a home pretending to be police officers. they ransacked that house and shot one person who was inside the home. it happened near the 2800 block of hillsdale avenue. that's in the park heights avenue. we're told the men restrained two people who were at the home and then turned the house upside down. one of the victims was able to break free and tried to confront one of the men and that suspect shot him in the face. 6:49.
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police are searching for three masked men who they say pushed their way into a home in brooklyn. authorities say the suspects entered the home on towson avenue and sexually assaulted a woman there. and now they shot a man also in that house, and they shot him in the stomach. elsewhere city police are trying to determine if a string of fire bombings are connected and someone throwing molotov cocktails near the windows of city hall and so far, nine incidents that have occurred within the last month alone. and police believe that same person or group of people is behind the attacks, but police say there is no rhyme nor any reason to why the victims are being targeted. >> there is really nothing with our victims that would make them a potential target. and again, they're scattered all across the city from the central district to the northwest and there is really nothing linking those incidents. >> so far, no one has been hurt but police are worried, they say the fire bombs can be very dangerous. food, and for the next few -- today, and for the next few days, it is about your health. free screenings.
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health fairs. take a loved one to the doctor day. and linda stow is live with the latest on what is in store with the weekend series of events. linda? >> it actually starts today and they're prepping for the event already. it starts at 10:00 this morning. they're working to get the tents up. this is by university of maryland medical center where today you will be able to find all kinds of free things that you can get to improve your health, things like flu shots, and screenings for your blood pressure, and diabetes, and hiv screening, and to tell us more about this, is dr. leona krause, thanks for joining us. >> no problem. >> to tell us what this event is about. it is really neat. >> this is take your loved one to workday at university medical center. held every year since i've been here. and lots of people from the community come by and blood pressure screening and prostate cancer and cholesterol and anything you want to know about, you can come and ask about. we've had doctors and nurses and lots of health care professionals here. some people are here, and even if you have a question, hey, what is going on with this rash on my arm, you can come by and
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somebody will take a look and give you some answers. >> and you know, with it getting colder, everyone is thinking about getting their flu shot now and is it really important that you get it. and i don't want to get a flu shot because i think it makes me more sick. >> i hear that all the time and everyone is i got the flu shot last year and it gave me the flu. unfortunately, sometimes that happens and it is a coincidence that you may have gotten sick. but however it is super important that you get your flu shot for you and for other people around you, especially if you have young children around and it is really important. >> wonderful. and it is all free. that's the best part. people love, that right? >> everybody loves free. >> you can come down and get free health advice, and get some free flu shots and cholesterol screening, and have a good time. >> okay, wonderful. doctor, thank you very much. >> you're very welcome. >> it starts at 10:00. it goes on until 3:00. and right here by the park at the university of maryland medical center. we're live in downtown baltimore, linda stow, abc 2
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news. louie sanchez and marvin norwood have set to appear in court in los angeles off the alleged beating of the san francisco giants fan brian stow. it led stow comatose with severe brain injuries. and first lady michelle obama will have a round table conversation with military spouses at the military guard facility. and thousands from the military branches representing commands at the nearby naval station in newport. the coast guard will be docking in baltimore's inner harbor and it marks the end of the fall training cruise and it will be open for tourists today at 3:00 and all day tomorrow and sunday weather permitting. tomorrow's decorations and furniture from the white house are on display at the smithsonian gallery and including dinner plates of the presidency of abraham lincoln and woodrow wilson and ronald reagan. and glass wear from the kennedy years on display. and this week is nascar
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races in dover, delaware. where we're expected to boost traffic volume along the chesapeake bay bridge. the authorities say it will be monitoring traffic conditions and allow two-way traffic on the westbound span, to help alleviate the potential delays. all of this of course is weather permitting. >> justin? >> now, 54, and about the weather, we got rid of the houplt and this frontal boundary was pushing -- rid of the humidity and this frontal boundary was pushing east. we have the warm air but not the humidity so we're losing some of the moisture with this push and a series of cold front and quick movers wrapping around what had been a stalled pattern. that is the culprit. that storm finally gets kicked out. it is because of the surge of canadian air. chilly stuff. and one more piece of energy wrapping around the backside. watch the spin. and watch it move on in. a band of clouds starting to throw cloudiness on the north side and mixing in with the
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sunrise and more sun to the lower eastern shore and annapolis and southern maryland and this front helps to serve the warm air ahead of it and build up midday clouds and showers on the eastern shore this afternoon. and the chilly air spills in behind it. and this means business. we will have ourselves a very cold unstable upper level pattern. there is a cold air that settles in and locked in place for the weekend and sits and spins pretty much between central maryland and central pennsylvania. we will wrap in some rain showers. rain showers for us. and there will be snow with cold air in the high country. above 3,000 feet. garrett county. and it takes you to the 4800 feet. in snow shoe. and i think you may see a few inches of snow. and now this system does work itself through. and with that cold air wrapping around, saturday afternoon, we could have heavier storms north and west of baltimore and that may include some small hail, just because of the air aloft, because it is so cold and the fells point festival, you may have to dodge raindrops. south and east of baltimore, clouds but a diminished chance of rain showers. yes, there may be some showers
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left around on sunday. and today, a push of 75. and partly cloudy. windy. chance of a storm. mainly east of the bay this afternoon and tonight, we will be back down in the 40s. some showers toward day break. and plan for clouds. cool weather. but showers, saturday, 58, 56 sunday. and lows in the 40s which includes the ravens game. we're back by 70 by tuesday next week. >> tonya? >> 795 southbound by owings mills, right before owings mills, a car fire in the cleanup stages there. be careful. good news is the accident on route 1 near the beltway, in our landsdowne area is now clear. an the beltway is slow on the outer loop. on the northwest side. it will be slow around through edmonton. be aware of that. and slow topside of the beltway. take a look at the jfx at northern parkway. doing pretty well as you make your way to cold spring lane. not as bad as it could be as you travel the jfx traveling downtown. >> we want to advise you to join
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us for good morning maryland, the saturday edition tomorrow morning. and now we will go to "good morning america." and al-awlaki apparently killed in a drone attack.
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